Thursday, November 4, 2010

Information about Project samples

All project participants are identified by their unique DOD code in the spreadsheet and barplots of the project. I understand, however, that some of them might be willing to reveal more details about themselves; some of them have already done this in various blogs and forums around the web.

As promised, I will never reveal any such information myself, but if you are a submitter to the project and want to put some information about your own ID, it is a good idea to do it in one place. This way, anyone who is interested in some individual's genetic makeup may look up the relevant information.

So, feel free to leave a comment, revealing as little or as much information about the ancestry and background of your ID as you are comfortable with. To reduce the clutter, only posts containing such information will be allowed.

Note: the comments section spans more than one page, so use the links to go back and forth between them.


  1. i am DOD075

    i'll put wut i told dienekes:

    Maternal Grandmother = Bengali Muslim, but 1/2 Uttar Pradesh Muslim (of likely West and Central Asian admix) Urdu speaker (immigrant from Delhi), 1/2 Bengali Muslim

    Maternal Grandfather = Bengali Muslim, originally of the Kayastha Bengali caste

    Paternal Grandmother = Bengali Muslim, but born a Bengali Brahmin Hindu (family converted when she was very, very young)

    Paternal Grandfather = Bengali Muslim, perhaps ancestry from Assam. Ancestry less clear, and rumors of "foreign" origin.

    My family is from Comilla, in eastern Bengal, and next to Tripura in India.

  2. Assyrians:
    DOD026, DOD027, DOD028, DOD037, DOD040, DOD095, DOD104, DOD134, and DOD135.

  3. I am DOD003

    I am fully Finnish.

    Mother's mother's lineage from Central Ostrobothnia, Finland.

    Mother's father's lineage from SW Finland and NW Finland including Finnish Lapland.

    Father's mother's lineage from Northern Ostrobothnia, Finland.

    Father's father's lineage from Finland Proper / Satakunta area, Finland.

    This is the data of my 2nd cousin on my father's mother's side.

    She is fully Finnish as well, but her ancestry is only northern Finnish as far as I can find.

    Is my mother's data.

    She has a similar multiple point ancestry in Finland to me.

    This is the genome of my mother's first cousin on her father's side.

    He is predominantly Finnish with a bit of Norwegian blend.

    Even his Norwegian folks spoke Finnish and they probably migrated from the area of Oulu in Finland to Sør-Varanger, Finnmark, Norway in the last couple of hundred years.

  4. I am DOD152

    These are approximations as I'm still working on my genealogy, but the figures as of now look like around 75% British Isle's derived, a little under 25% German (Swabia and the Rhine), the remaining minor percentiles are from France and Sweden (my Swedish ancestry might have some Finnish given my mtDNA matches).

    Most of my British Isle's ancestry is from my father, his ancestry is nearly exclusive British, the minor French (around 2% of my ancestry) comes from him.

    The New World regions of interest in my paternal genealogy are the Cumberland Gap and Ontario, Canada. Most of my paternal folks are British settlers (minor French) into the Cumberland Gap the deviation came with my great grandmother whose ancestry is exclusively from England (her family were 19th Century immigrants from England to Ontario, the places in England being Walsham le Willows, Suffolk and Andover, Hampshire), the Cumberland Gap settlers in my family were mostly Northern English with some ancestry from the Lallans, County Antrim, and Southeast England.

    My maternal ancestry was Deitsch originally, Swabian and Rhinelander Mennonites who came to Pennsylvania and then into the Midwest, when the families of my maternal great grandfather's split from the Mennonite community they married into non-Deitsch families, the one great grandfather having a wife who was half Potato Famine immigrants from County, Tyrone (they bear a Lallans surname though), one quarter English who settled in New Brunswick & Maine, and one quarter Deitsch, it is through her Deitsch ancestry that the Swedish came in as one of her ancestors from Germany was a Mennonite who took a Swedish wife.

    The other great grandfather married a wife who descends from WASP's and of the same family as former U.S. President Grover Cleveland.

  5. DOD097 - Wife's maternal Grandmother - 100% Sicilian - 31 Relatives - No known Jewish ancestry, but is a carrier of the Gaucher Disease allele, specific to Ashkenazi Jews - Has Italian relatives, some indicating distant North African and Spanish heritage, but also 3 Colonial US relatives, from Tennessee, which may be a link to the Melungeons, who may have been partly Sephardic Jews?! Using Ancestry Finder, and setting 4gp/5cm, am getting in order, US, Italy, Iran, France.

    I myself have mostly predicted relatives in the US South, mostly Protestant, some Quakers, some Catholics. Some identify as German-American, so I suspect minor Palatine German inheritance. I have some French and Swiss French relatives, so I also suspect some French Huguenot inheritance. Using Ancestry Finder, and setting 4gp/5cm, am getting in order, US, Ireland, UK, Canada, France, Ukraine, Switzerland, Denmark, Belarus, Australia.

    DOD098 - Father - 100% Irish - 340 Relatives - No known non-Irish ancestry - Relatives same as me, but additionally Eastern European relatives, including about 5 or so 100% Ashkenazi Jewish relatives. Using Ancestry Finder, and setting 4gp/5cm, am getting in order, US, Canada, Ireland, UK, Germany, Australia, Russia, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Belarus, Bahamas, Romania, Greece (Crete).

    DOD099 - Mother - 100% Irish - 336 Relatives - Some distant English and Norman ancestry - Relatives same as me. Using Ancestry Finder, and setting 4gp/5cm, am getting in order, US, Ireland, Canada, UK, Norway, Hungary, Denmark. Belgium, Australia.

  6. DOD086 and DOD087 are my parents, both of the "American_White" category.

    DOD086 = Father: Mostly British and German ancestry, some 17th century French Huguenot and Dutch. Y-haplogroup G2a3b1a, MTDNA H1

    DOD087 = Mother: Mostly British and German ancestry, some 19th century Swiss and Danish, and 18th century French Huguenot. Family legend mentions 17th century Native-American ancestry (Virginia). MTDNA H3

  7. DOD073

    All four grandparents born in United States
    Paternal ancestry Irish
    Maternal ancestry German

    Glenn Allen Nolen

  8. DOD139 - North Italian from both sides since the middle of 16th century.

  9. DOD076

    White American

    Father = 1/2 Bavarian German, 1/2 mix of Dutch, English, French

    Mother = 1/4 French, 1/4 English, 1/2 Norwegian

  10. DOD006 is 50% Italian, Bologna & 50% Jewish, Grodno, Belarus.

  11. DOD083 is 100% southern Polish.

  12. I'm Dod055 and my mother is Dod056

    Father's ancestry:

    37.5% English (Suffolk/Kent/London areas)
    37.5% Mainland Scottish (Glasgow/Stirling/Huntly areas)
    25% Western Scottish Isles (Isle of Mull)

    Mother's ancestry:

    25% - Perthshire Scotland
    25% - Eshaness, Northmavine, Shetland (some ancestral lineages had patronymic surnames before 1800)
    6.25% - Wales
    31.25% - England

    I'm not sure how the "North African" in my analysis can be explained - my mother doesn't have it, and I doubt it came from my Father. there are no gaps in his genealogy and he is exclusively of Scottish and English ancestry.

    For more information, see here:

  13. I am DOD021.

    My paternal ancestors were Sicilian, almost all from Mezzojuso. This is one of the main Arberesh (Italo-Albanian) towns in Sicily. Neither of my paternal grandparents were Arberesh, but I do have a couple of Arberesh surnames in my family tree from the 1700s. So I may be about 1/32 or 1/64 Arberesh.

    My maternal ancestors were southern Italian, mainly from Basilicata and Puglia. I do have a 100% Greek estimated 4th cousin in Relative Finder; I suspect he connects to one of my lines from Bari province. Also, I have an estimated 5th cousin who is a Bosnian/Serb mix from Dubrovnik; this cousin may also connect to me through a Bari line.

    My paternal haplogroup, from Mezzojuso, is R1b-L48, so probably originally from northern Europe. A proven 2nd cousin, once removed in Relative Finder has the maternal haplogroup U1a3; this is the haplogroup of a great-grandmother from Mezzojuso, since the 2nd cousin, once removed is a maternal line descendant of the great-grandmother. My maternal haplogroup, from Matera in Basilicata, is T2e, which is generally thought to be a Neolithic haplogroup in Europe.

    Mike Maddi

  14. I'm DOD131 and 100% Finnish. 23AndMe relative finder gives me cousins all over Finland so I guess I'm quite "average" Finn.

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  16. DOD004 : 100% Western Mediterranean : 50% NorthWest Mediterranean (Occitan) and 50% SouthWest Mediterranean (Berber/Jew).

  17. DOD007 and DOD009: both Slovenian, with 4 Slovenian grandparents for each.

  18. I'm DOD049,
    Half-Laz, half- (Eastern) Black Sea Coast Turk.

    —also featured in the Dodecad Caucasus Analysis [Thanks!]

  19. Larry in California

    I am of colonial American descent. Paternal lines go back to John Alden and Pricilla Mullins, English, another to Johan Anderson and Christina, Swedish and Finnish. Y DNA leads back to area of Stuttgart, Germany. Maternal lines lead back to Cornwall and Devon, England, and Ireland.

  20. This is Eastara, I am DOD110 and my mother is DOD025.
    Both 100% Bulgarian, other connections too distant to count.

  21. DOD138 is female born in the US of southern Italian descent.

    Her paternal grandfather was from San Rufo, Salerno
    Her paternal grandmother was from unknown parts of Italy (presumed South Italy).
    Her maternal grandfather was from Sciara, Palermo, Sicily
    Her maternal grandmother was from Spezzano, Calabria.

  22. DOD052 : Southern French, DOD053 : Algerian Jew

  23. DOD066 is North German with 1/8 Thuringian and a pinch of Danish

  24. DOD020:

    Paternal Grandfather E-V13 born on the Black Sea coast Temryuk Russia 2 May 1903. According to an article on Ukrainian surnames the surname is from the Ruthenian ethnic group from the Carpathian mountain region of the Western Ukraine. He was a Russian Orthodox Christian.

    Paternal Grandmother born 22 June 1912 in Vologda northern Russia. Ethnic Russian, Orthodox Christian.

    Maternal Grandfather born 25 August 1901 Budapest, Hungary. Ethnic Austrian German Catholic back to 1600s.

    Maternal Grandmother born 3 May 1898 Kaposvar, Hungary. Ashkenazi Jewish verified by records from Hungary and mtDNA K1a1b1a perfect match with sample in Doron Behar's study. Records traced to late 1700s. Most surnames on family tree Lowy (Levite) and Kohn (Cohen).

  25. DOD188 - wife's father - 50% Sicilian (Palermo area)/50% Polish (Poznan area) - 58 Relatives - No known Jewish ancestry, but is a carrier of the Familial Mediterranean Fever allele, specific to Sephardic Jews - Has Polish and Italian relatives, some indicating Spanish heritage, and about 15 100% Ashkenazi Jewish relatives. Using Ancestry Finder, and setting 4gp/5cm, he's getting in order, US, Poland, Italy, Russia, Greece (x3), Germany, Denmark, Canada, UK, Slovakia, Iraq, France, Austria, Australia.

    Among his more unusual results, are 1.1% West African, from the analysis on this site.

  26. DOD196 is my father: all known ancestors are from Eastern Thuringia, Germany. The direct male line is of Mediterranean ancestry (E-V22) prior to the establishment of surnames.

    DOD198 is my mother: all known ancestors are from Eastern Thuringia, Northern Thuringia, Western Saxony, Berlin, and Silesia (Frankenstein). Her direct paternal ancestry goes back to Napoli, Italy, after the establishment of surnames.

  27. DOD014

    Paternal Grandfather = Southern Italy (Calabria)
    Paternal Grandmother = Sicily (Termini Imerese)

    Maternal Grandfather = Greece (Arkadia)
    Maternal Grandmother = Greece (Lakonia)

  28. DOD217, Catalan, mtDNA: I; Y: G2a

  29. I am FFD049 (23andMe data also submitted but not assigned an ID at this stage).

    To my knowledge my ancestry is English (25%), Irish (12.5%), Swiss-German (12.5%), German (50%, one grandparent believed Jewish).

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  31. DOD074 - Northern Portugal, Southwestern Europe

  32. FFD036:

    I'm American, with an ancestral breakdown that's roughly 50% Irish, 25% German and 25% English/Dutch.

  33. DOD219:
    all lines of german descent, Schlesien and Warthegau.

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  35. FFD002 breakdown:

    Paternal Grandfather:
    born in Silesia, German Empire. Surname is a German spelling variant of a Polish one.

    Paternal Grandmother:
    Born in Silesia, German Empire. Maiden name is usualy found in Southwest Germany, Northeast France and Switzerland.

    Maternal Grandfather:
    Born in Eastprussia, German Empire. His fathers mother was possibly Lithuanian but he is not sure. But she spoke a forreign tounge he said.
    His surname is one that is typical for Hussite (protestant) refugees from Bohemia (West-Czechia), that fled the country between 1500 and 1700 because they had problems with the catholic leadership of Bohemia.

    Maternal Grandmother:
    Born at a distance of 2km from the German/Netherlands border inside the German Empire. Her maidenname spreads all along the border region from the Northsea Coast til Belgium and means "Farmyard" in "Old lower Saxon" tounge.

  36. DOD 165, DOD 176, DOD 177:

    All from the Province of Reggio Calabria in Southern Italy.

  37. DOD 178:

    Ashkenazi Jewish from Belarus

  38. DOD 232 Greek with origins in Achaea and surrounding nomoi.

  39. DOD 213 Most of the family has lived in Utah for over 100 years. What geneology we have says we are English, Welch, Scottish, and Irish.

  40. DOD100: White American from the mid-Atlantic region of the US, descended mostly from Irish, English and German immigrants in the 19th and early 20th centuries. I also have a southern Italian great-grandmother from Bari, Puglia, Italy and a more distant Danish great-great grandfather from Schleswig who contributes his surname, Y chromosome(the more typically central European/Italic R-U152) and autosomal DNA.

    mclust on MDS outs me every time and places me in the CEU-centered cluster due to the predominant NW European component of my ancestry.

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  42. DOD 185

    Maternal GM: Slovak
    Paternal GM: Slovak
    Paternal GF: German
    Maternal GF: Serbian

  43. DOD168 : YDNA Haplogroup=J2a4h1b1 (L24,L25,L192.2,L271),MtDNA=T2b3

    DOD169 : Father YDNA Haplogroup=J2a4h1b1 (L24,L25,L192.2,L271),MtDNA=N1c
    From Msaken Tunisia.

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  45. I am FFD028. I'm adopted but my non=ID info is Mother French/Irish, Putative father German (Mix).

    I have very few matches on FTDNA but those I have are English, Irish, French, Swedish, German, and Finnish from most to least.

  46. FFD040

    Maternal side is known to be Ashkenazi from Belarus and Lithuania.

    Paternal side (based on most likely candidate for birthfather) is colonial American from North Carolina. Origins (pre-1700) appear to be mostly England, with the balance being Scotland and Germany.

  47. DOD 172 Swedish on both sides for at least three generations.

  48. I am FFD011, and am 3/4 British Isles, having ancestry from all four countries - England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. My direct maternal line is Irish, and direct Paternal line German. The German ancestors came from Neidersachen (North Germany) and Bavaria. I am in Y-haplogroup E1b1b1 (tested by FTDNA), with the majority of 11/12 matches from Greece, Bulgaria, and Slovakia. But the strongest matches 36/37, 25/25 24/25 all trace their roots to the Catalonian region of Spain.

  49. I am FFD049 and now also DOD241.

    To my knowledge my ancestry is English (25%), Irish (12.5%), Swiss-German (12.5%), German (50%, one grandparent believed Jewish).

  50. 23andMe: DOD242
    I am also FFD002

    See my explanation in a post above.

  51. FFD016:
    Maternal Ashkenazi Jewish
    Paternal Austrian German

  52. DODO29 Mixed-Roma A little bit more than Half-Roma and little bit less than Half-Slavic(Serbian+1/16Russian)

  53. DOD010; fully North Iranian.
    Paternal - Azeri-Iranian from Azerbaijan province, paternal ancestor originally from Caucasus
    Maternal - Persian from Tehran

  54. DOD248 - Born in Yorkshire, England. One Grandfather was part Irish. All relatives born in the UK for at least several hundred years.

    DOD249 - Born in Swansea, South Wales of mostly English ancestry, but also some Welsh and Scottish ancestors. All relatives born in the UK for at least several hundred years. Prior to 1066, most documented ancestors were French Norman. Also has documented distant Italian and Spanish ancestors.

    DOD250 - German/Prussian ancestry. One line lived in Poland another in Russia and another were Transylvanian Saxons. All spoke German.

    I can be reached via the 23andme ID LKPRSB. Samples are my father (248) mother (249) and husband (250).

  55. DOD245: I am approximately 50% African (West). My paternal grandfather was Ashkenazi. Also I have some Native American ancestry on my mother's side. The remainder must be Northern European--English likely.

  56. DOD252 Brazilian. Colonial Brazilian Founders. We are basically the descendents of the first Portuguese Conquistadores/Colonists established in the Colonial Era - 1500-1700's. We have distant Amerindian and African contributions and in the last 150 years we also had some European immigrant contributions from what would become Germany, Italy and other parts of Europe. We are a big, plural, coalesced population of several tens of millions present in the American Continent since 1500 and I think we have a unique genetic profile in terms of a visible set of proportions, as unique as our language, Brazilian Portuguese, only found in Brazil ! A Colonial Brazilian can have some variation in the numbers but the proportion is the same, only the quantity will variate but we have contributions from West Asia, Northwest Africa, South Europe, Northeast Asia, Southwest Asia, North Europe, West Africa, East Africa and South Asia (I don`t have points only in the East Asian box, but there are millions of Japanese descendents in the country) !


  57. #DOD257 Maureen Higgins Markov is mostly Irish of all Irish born great grandparents. Some Eastern and African showing on Decodeme. Can be reached on either 23andme by name or decodeme by name.

  58. DOD246, Portuguese, full Portuguese ancestry to the 5th generation. All my 4 grandparents are from central Portugal.

    There is probable Sephardic ancestry in the paternal line since my surname, which is quite rare in the region, is the same as a prominent Sephardic family's in my father's home town, and there have been rumours about it for generations. They left in the 17th or 18th century mostly to Amsterdam under increasing persecution by the Inquisition, also to London, Livorno and Salonika, where the surname is documented in local Portuguese-speaking communities. My branch probably converted.

    I do have a small additional component of west asian + south-west asian ancestry for Portuguese, with typical North African...

    Don't know where small excess of South Asian came from. Portuguese Empire connection? Gypsies?

    Impressed how my genotype illustrates my country's history...

  59. dod89, 90 ,91 are Punjabi Jatts ( unrelated )
    From the Jhaj, Gill(Shergill) , Sandhu Tribe respectively.

  60. DOD272 - Ashkenazi

    All eight of my great grandparents were Ashkenazi, born in eastern Europe. On my mother's side, we know they came from Galicia and thought of themselves as Austrian Jews. On my father's side there's less information and some conflicting stories. They came from several places in the Russian Pale.

  61. DOD278: Colonial American background. Paternal grandparents both approximately 50% German, 50% Scots-Irish. Maternal grandmother approx 50% German, 50% Scots-Irish. Maternal grandfather's ancestry 35% German, 35% Scots-Irish, 30% unknown. Small amount of African admixture shows on Ancestry Painting, but no genealogical paper trail of African ancestors has yet been found.

  62. DOD279:

    100% Norwegian back to ab 1600, 7-8 generations (or more) through traditional genealogy.

    Ab 60 % of these are from the southern part of Møre og Romsdal county - area from Ålesund to Geiranger.

  63. FFDOD0029:
    UK including Ireland, Wales, England/colonial American which is supposed to be English, German, Dutch, Scottish. FF matches showing broader range of ancestry.

  64. DOD266
    Paternal GF b. Grodno, Belarus, his parents both b. near Rodziewicze, Belorussia
    Paternal GM b. USA, both her parents b. Poznan, Poland

    Maternal GF b USA, both his parents b. Germany (Father: Ölbronn, Neckarkreis, Württemberg, Mother: Bavaria)
    Maternal GM b. USA, her Father b. St. Mary's, Ontario, CN; both his parents b. Isle of Wight, Eng.; her mother b. USA; bother her parents b. Middlesex, Eng.

  65. DOD133 : 100% Gascon from Béarn, an ancient viscounty at the foot of the Pyrenees (SW France).

  66. DOD197

    I'm Norwegian, I also have some Forest Finn(17th century) and Swedish(1890) ancestry, also there is the possibility that I have some Saami, German and Scottish ancestry as well.

    my mtDNA is N1a1 and Y-DNA is R-U106*

  67. DOD 280- I am of Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry that I can trace on all my sides to late 18th century Poland/Russia

  68. DOD0293:
    Both maternal grandparents are from Prussian Poland, and paternal grandparents are from Austrian Poland (Galicia) and Slovakia.

  69. DOD117 Serbian parents
    Father born in Montenegro, E1b1b1a2*
    Mother born in Croatia, H1

    DOD116 Sister of DOD117, same parents.

    DOD115 Daughter of DOD116. Niece of DOD117
    Mother Serbian American
    Father Colonial American, mostly English,
    one eighth German.

  70. DOD292
    Father: American Colonial; 1/2 German 1/4 English, 1/4 Scots
    Mother: 1/2 English, 3/8 Scots, 1/8 American colonial English

  71. DOD301 is me. My family are Australian colonial, all pre 20th century.

    Sometimes you hear the term Anglo-Celtic to describe the typical Australian colonial mix. In my case I know all the immigrants and I am >2/3 English, >10% Irish, 5% Scottish, and the rest from Wales and Norway. (Some of the English are thought to have had Welsh roots, are some of the Irish may have had Scottish or English roots etc. so I make it approximate.)

  72. FFD059 = Mandaean of southern Iraq

  73. I am DOD307

    From Eastern Switzerland (German speaking part)
    maternal haplogroup U4a2b (per 23andme)

    Both maternal and paternal families from same region in Eastern Switzerland, dating as far back as 1769 and 1620

  74. I am DOD302
    All my known ancestors are from Ireland
    NE 61.7, SE 24.7, WA 12.6
    PHg R1b-L21,
    MHg H1C1
    AR matches,
    PHg R,I,J
    MHg H,U,K,R,J
    Best guess at R1b-L21 migrations

  75. DOD274

    Paternal side: German, Irish, English

    Maternal side: Welsh, Scottish, English, German

    Some Colonial, latest immigrants arrived in 1850s. All but one 2nd great grandparents was born in the US.

  76. My mother is DOD300. She is from the Eastern Visayan region of the Philippines. Believes her father's side of family has German and believe's her mother's side of the family has European ancestry also (but not sure where in Europe).

  77. DOD239

    Udmurd (Finno-Ugric population near Ural) - on paternal side;
    Russian (which also may have some Finno-Ugrian origins from Oka) - on maternal side.
    Still in the process of requesting archives...

  78. DOD105 allegedly Irish and Italian. I plot near Romania.
    N European 45.1%
    S European 27.5%
    W Asian 21.2%
    SW Asian 2.7%
    NW African 2.7%
    NE Asian 1%

  79. DOD023 is a male with both parents from the Catanzaro region of Calabria in Southern Italy.

  80. DOD236 , paternal ancestry is fully southern Italian (Molise region -- on a map you will see around Isernia or Campobasso).

    Maternal ancestry part northern Italian (Tuscan), and part Polish (mother's mother's ancestry).

    Paternal haplogroup = T-M70 (T1a1*)
    Maternal = K1a(3a)

  81. DOD311

    My background is Ashkenazi Jewish on all sides.

    There are those who claim that my FTNDA YDNA results may indicate a distant Sepharadi paternal ancestor on that line who emigrated to Eastern Europe, but this is highly speculative as TMRCA estimates are not clear.

  82. DOD325, Irish born/based with 4 Irish grandparents.

    DOD326, Filipina born in Philippines with 4 Filipino Grandparents, great-grandfather is suppose to be Spanish.

  83. DOD328 = Cypriot Turk. African (probably from Sudan) great great grandparent.

  84. DOD327, ancestry is Iyer Brahmin from Tamil Nadu.

  85. DOD346


    4 grandparents from the northern part of the county of Staffordshire, many other ancestors from this region and east Cheshire.

  86. DOD335: Ashkenazi Jewish, Ukraine and Poland.

  87. DOD324 = Ashkenazi. All great grandparents emigrated from Poland, Prussia, Latvia, Lithaunia, and Ukraine.

  88. I'm DOD331, Hebbar Iyengar (Tamil-speaking Brahmin) from Karnataka, South India.

  89. DOD334 = All known ancestors are finnish

  90. DOD332 French
    75% mainly Northern French (Lorraine, Poitou, Anjou, Nord, Jura, Alsace, Limousin, Bretagne Île-de-France)
    12.75% German (Rheinland-Pfalz, Bavaria)
    6.75% Provençal Jewish
    6.75% Ashkenazi Jewish

  91. DOD357
    1/2 English
    1/4 Portuguese
    1/16 Irish
    1/16 Scottish
    1/16 Dutch
    1/16 German

  92. DOD358,

    1/2 Austrian German (pat. grandparents immigrants from Austria)

    1/2 Mix of Dutch, French, English

  93. DOD350
    From ireland; all four grandparents are Irish and I'm not aware of any other ancestry outside of Ireland.

  94. DOD344

    100% Ashkenazi
    2 grandparents from Lodz, Poland
    1 from Minsk, Belarus
    1 from Bucharest, Romania

    I wonder if the traces of Northwest African and East African came from Sephardim who moved to Romania and mixed with Ashkenazim.

  95. DOD366 here.

    All parents and grandparents born in Sweden.

  96. -DOD364

    Italian, maternal family is lucanian (near Potenza) and paternal family is sicilian (near Palermo). Paternal haplogroup is J1 and maternal haplogroup is K1a.

    South European 39.6
    West Asian 26.7
    North European 15.7
    Southwest Asian 15.6
    Northwest African 1.2
    East African 0.7
    Northeast Asian 0.5
    East Asian 0.0
    West African 0.0
    South Asian 0.0

    Not much surprise in the Middle East (and particularly arab) component.

    The surprising part is in that Northeast Asian component (even if very little)!!

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  98. DOD349

    West Asian 41.3
    South European 22.1
    Northeast Asian 9.1
    Southwest Asian 10.2
    East Asian 5.7
    North European 7.5
    South Asian 4

    I am Turkish from Southern Turkey.

    mtDNA C4a1
    Y-DNA R1b1b2a (father's)

  99. DOD372

    Maternal line - Sicily. From Palermo and Montemaggiore Belsito.

    Paternal line - Italian mainland. Paternal grandfather from Poggiomarino near Naples. Paternal grandmother from Santo Stefan di Campobasso in Abbruzzi.

  100. DOD370:
    - Russian (3/4) and Ukrainian (1/4) ancestry;
    - some suspected Volga Tatar admixture in one of the Russian lines (from the Urals).

    - Japanese (4/4)

  101. I am DOD375.

    All parents, grandparents and me from Eastern Spain, region of Valencia.

  102. DOD333

    4 grandparents from Ireland.

    Going by surnames, the lineages of two grandparents may be: 1) Scots-Irish (i.e. from lowland Scotland) and/or Viking, and 2) Norman.

    One other lineage is part of the Uí Néill clan, Niall Uí Néill being the "Ghengis Khan of Ireland." ;-)

  103. DOD329
    3/4 Norwegian, 1/4 Swedish.
    Both my grandfathers have a little Forrest Finn in them.

  104. DOD 378

    Palestinian (Upper Galilee)

  105. DOD315 = Iraqi Arab from southern Iraq
    DOD316 = Iraqi Arab from Baghdad.

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  107. This comment has been removed by the author.

  108. My grandparents are all four Petite Kabylie.
    I wonder what my match 20.1% of Southwest Asian, perhaps the legacy Capsian?
    26.9% South european I did not know.


  109. DOD392 parent
    DOD393 parent
    DOD081 son

    All ancestry from southern part of the Galician region of Spain

  110. DOD381 All four grandparents from Taiwan. Grandparents from Taipei and Penghu islands.

  111. DOD391 (4 grandparents Poland/Prussia)

  112. DOD405 is French.
    50% from Poitou, 50% from Franche-Comté.

  113. Vladimir Markov is DOD408

    Siberian Russian, father is N1c1 from St. Petersburg and mother is H5b from Urals

  114. DOD 416 is from italy.
    Paternal hpg E1b1b1a2*
    Maternal hpg J1c
    Grand parents from the north east of Italy but my dad's father was from the south.

  115. DOD418
    All my grandparents were Ashkenazic Jews. Three came from the Northeastern Yiddish dialect area.
    Maternal gf from Haradok, northwestern Belarus.
    Maternal gm from Barisov, Belarus.
    Paternal gf from Radzilow, northeastern Poland.
    My maternal gm had parents from the Transcarpathian Yiddish dialect area.
    Her father was from Michalovce, Slovakia and mother from Kolesovice, Czech Republic.

  116. DOD317

    My grandparents are Belgian. Out of my 8 great-grandparents, 4 were Flemish (Antwerp, Leuven and Hasselt areas), 2 from Brussels, and 2 from Wallonia (Namur and Liege). If I go further in the past (9 generations), my ancestry spreads out to Northern France, Southern Netherlands (very near the Belgian border) and Germany, and even one ancestor from the Czech Republic.

    Since Belgium is right in the middle of the border between North and South Europe (for me North is where Germanic languages are spoken, and south is where Romance languages are spoken), I guess I can say I have a mixed Latin/Germanic ancestry :-)

  117. DOD 400
    All four grandparents from Tainan/Kaohsiung Taiwan.

  118. I'm DOD362

    Overall: 97% English, 3% Welsh.

    This breaks down at Great-great-great-grandparent level to:

    ENG, Cheshire 3%
    ENG, Cumberland 9%
    ENG, Lancashire 44%
    ENG, Oxfordshire 6%
    ENG, Shropshire 19%
    ENG, Staffordshire 9%
    ENG, Yorkshire 6%

    WAL, Montgomeryshire 3%

  119. I'm DOD152 and I need to update/correct some of my ancestry information, I implemented a new criteria for accepting genealogical lines, if I can't prove it via a number of sources I omit it, hence why many lines are now dead ended in the U.S.

    Lineages going back 5 generations:
    Burgess - North Carolina; 1823
    Celveland - Ipswich, Suffolk, England; 1584 immigrated in 1625 (indentured servant).
    Clough - Suffolk, England; 1801 immigrated in 1850's.
    Cook - Indiana; 1832
    Dial - North Carolina, 1801
    Downey - Pennsylvania; 1824
    Ferrill - Overton County, Tennessee; 1846
    Headley - Northumberland, England; 1624 immigrated in the 1660's.
    Keen - Belfast, Maine; 1806
    Kuehn/Keen - Baden-Württemberg, Germany; 1684 immigrated in 1741.
    Lickman - Hurstbourne Priors, Hampshire, England; 1803 immigrated in the 1850's
    Liddle - County Tyrone, Northern Ireland; 1820 immigrated in 1848
    Lindsay - Andover, Hampshire, England; 1831 immigrated in the 1850's.
    Lott - Isle of Wight County, Virginia; 1685
    Malson - Pennsylvania; 1750
    Mattox - Rocky Mount, Virginia; 1735
    McCormick - County Cavan, Ireland; 1755, immigrated before 1785.
    Mueller/Miller - Zollikofen, Bern, Switzerland; 1655 immigrated after 1724.
    Neal - County Antrim, Northern Ireland; 1685 immigrated before 1745.
    Nelson/Neilson - Scotland; 1740 immigrated before 1762.
    Pass - Pennsylvania, tradition says Malta; 1821 tradition says family came from Malta prior to the recasting of the Liberty Bell.
    Pyatt/Pyett - Walsham le Willows, Suffolk, England; 1661 immigrated in the 1850's.
    Pierce - North Carolina; 1771
    Pryor - Overton County, Tennessee; 1834
    Reeder/Reader - Hatfield, Yorkshire, England; 1645 immigrated in 1773.
    Rex - Germany; 1682 immigrated before 1726.
    Rupert - Kraichgau, Germany; 1708 immigrated before 1740.
    Smith - Richmond, Virginia; 1695.
    Tresler - Massenbach, Germany; 1650 immigrated before 1770.
    Viehdorfer - Germany; 1846
    White - Loudon, Virginia; 1742.
    Willis - Amelia County, Virginia; 1720.

  120. I am DOD430, and have no problem revealing my identity. I am a Bengali Hindu (brahmin of SavarNa gotra) all four of whose grandparents are from Barisal district of Bangladesh. For more indormation, see

  121. Dod 410: I am from Noerthern France: French Flanders (above Artois, which is above Normandy, often confused s Northern France)

  122. DOD337 is 100% French Canadian.

  123. DOD322 - German American
    Bavarian (mainly Munich) and Alsatian with lesser Westphalian and Hessian

  124. DOD380: half-Palestinian, half Northern European mix (French, German, Irish, Dutch)

  125. 382-25% German, 25% Irish, 25% English, 12.5% Ashkenazi, 12.5 Scotch Irish

  126. Sal Marcellino-DOD438-100% Sicilian from the small town of Termini Imerese, Sicily 23 miles east of Palermo.

  127. DOD339-25% Spanish from Santander, Cantabria Spain, 25% Mexican from Guanajuato, Mexico 25% Czech from Altplatz, Bohemia, 12.5% Scottish, & 12.5% English

  128. DOD304: southern Swedish (50% Skåne, 25% Småland, 25% Blekinge)

  129. DOD451, ancestry is Iyengar Brahmin from Tamil Nadu.

  130. DOD453
    1/2 German, 1/4 Russian, 1/4 Erzyan

  131. DOD388

    1/2 dutch, 1/2 capeverdian

  132. Larry in California
    I am of Colonial American descent. Paternal lines go back to John Alden and Pricilla Mullins, English, another to Johan Anderson and Christina, Swedish and Finnish. Other lines lead to Ireland. Y DNA most closely matches to the area of Penza, Western Russia. Mitochondrial DNA leads back to Southern Finland. Several matches on 23andMe's Relative Finder and Ancestry Finder are from Finland.

  133. Dodecad ID : DOD464.

    Ancestry : South Asia/the Indian sub-continent.
    Paternal Side : Iyengar Brahmins of the Vadagalai sub-sect who trace their lineage to a town known as Tanjavur/Tanjore in Tamil Nadu. It was historically part of the Chola heartland. Their Gotra is Vadula, which in turn makes it my own. Father’s maternal side was from Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu. They belonged to the Kashyapa Gotra.

    Y-DNA : G2a

    Maternal Side : Hebbar Iyengars, who are Iyengars from Karnataka, South Western India; once again of the Vadagalai sub-sect or distinction. Mother's paternal lineage traces back to a place known as Kithane, near Hassan district (again in Karnataka). Their family belonged to the Srivatsa gotra, seen as Srivastava in Northern India among castes such as the Kayasthas. My maternal grandmother, great grandfather and great grandmother were all from Tumkur, Karnataka. The same great grandmother’s father seems to have been an Iyengar from Coorg or Kodagu, Karnataka.

    mtDNA : HV

    Note - ALL my eight great grandparents belonged to the Vadakalai sub-sect of Iyengars. Wikipedia has an article of questionable reliability, but still worth a read -

  134. DOD463:
    Maternal Grandmother = Kurd from Rawandiz/Kurdistan-Iraq,44.524412&spn=0.1,0.1&t=m&lci=org.wikipedia.en&q=36.612496,44.524412

    Maternal Grandfather = Kurd from Sulaymaniyah/Kurdistan-Iraq

    Paternal Grandmother = Kurd from Sulaymaniyah/Kurdistan-Iraq

    Paternal Grandfather = Kurd from Sulaymaniyah/Kurdistan-Iraq,45.433333&spn=0.1,0.1&t=m&lci=org.wikipedia.en&q=35.55,45.433333

    My family speaks the Sorani dialect.

  135. DOD460 = Mandaean of southern Iraq

  136. DOD455
    Maternal lineage is German
    Paternal lineage is Bohemian Czech

  137. DOD465
    Paternal lineage: Scottish, Ediborough after highland clearing, before Caithness, Gunn Clan.
    Maternal lineage: West Yorkshire, England

  138. DOD493: White Appalachian (USA), all ancestors I can trace back to country of origin are British, French, or German, but there are many unexplored lines, especially for one rather swarthy grandparent. mtDNA k1a4a1.

  139. DOD096:
    I'm about 3/4's English/Scottish/Irish/Welsh and 1/4 German/Swiss.

  140. DOD476

    Father: Main line is English, with some Welsh and German through marriage. Earlier origins possibly Scandinavian. R1a1a
    Ancestor table for my father:

    Mother: Polish, from northeastern part of Poland near Lithuania and Belarus. Some mixtures of other Eastern European, and probably some Ashkenazi Jewish, also likely in the mix. U5B1.

    Michael Ward

  141. DOD423: My dad born in Germany, his father's family were Saxons, my grandmother's were Prussians. All ancestors from German as far back as anyone knows. Dad said his father's family lived near the Baltic Sea.

  142. US487 61% German, 25% Rusyn / Ruthenian, 12.5% Polish, 1.5% Ulster Scot

  143. DOD517: My maternal line is mostly Swedish, German and Polish, that I know of. There may also be some Irish in us. My father was adopted, so unfortunately I don't know too much about his origins.

  144. DOD504:
    US Colonial/Irish/German/English (father's ancestry unknown but likely more of the same)

    .50 Polish/.25 Irish/.25 German No US Colonial

  145. DOD496
    Paternal 50% British Colonial to US in 1860s via Bermuda from 1600s. (Some Irish in colonies.) Y haplogroup is I1d.

    Maternal 50% Bohemia/Moravia, i.e. Czech Republic as part of Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1870's. Mitochrondial haplogroup is H23

  146. DOD501
    25% Swedish
    25% Southern Italian
    25% English/colonial
    12.5% German
    12.5% Irish

  147. DOD548:

    My father was of British descent. My GGG Grandfather arrived from Britain with his family to Ontario some time during the 1850's. My mother is of Spanish Berber descent that settled in the Caribbean half a millennia ago. Considering I have many Sephardic surnames I expected to have some SW Asian autosomal but have none. Looking at the east and north Asian in my autosomal, which looks like that of the Churvash, makes me think that portion is more of a Siberian extraction rather than Amerindian as other analysis have concluded. My western and eastern African components are similar to that of the Berbers, yet my South Asian component is similar to that of the Syrians. I find it to be quite an interesting and cosmopolitan Eurasian mixture.

  148. DOD 537 Russian. Ancestry lines: 50% North-West Russia, 25% South Russia, 25% Siberian Cossacks

  149. DOD560

    50% German going back 200 years on all maternal lines, but the families all lived in Hungary

    Predominantly English on my paternal side with a smattering of Irish and Dutch. I have one line that is in Y-DNA Haplogroup Q1a3 which might explain a small portion of the Asian component.

  150. DOD561 23andme's Varange Caledonia:
    .50 Norwegian .25 English .1875 Scots-Irish .0625 Walloon

  151. DOD487 61% German, 25% Rusyn / Ruthenian, 12.5% Polish, 1.5% Ulster Scot

    Please disregard my US487 comment above. I still had Eurogenes in my head. The 487 number is correct.

  152. I am DOD580 and an Acadian from Nova Scotia, Canada

  153. DOD489 - b. SC - African American whose mother was African American & biodad was European American. Mamuanyi on 23&Me

    DOD492 - adopted. African American with admixture. DNA testing points toward an Ashkenazi yDNA ancestor. Thomas Weiss on 23&Me

  154. Dod526 Irish, French, Dutch, English, Scottish, German, Swedish, and not sure what else. Have a new MTDNA so far only 5 in genebank oh H24. The recent ancestry is British Isles then French and Dutch
    My results here say 8.3 0 W.Asian, 29.7 S. European, 61.2 N. European, 0.7 S. Asian

  155. DOD572 is paternally a Sri Lankan Vellalar - who are an agriculturalist caste from Tamil Nadu - and is maternally a Telegu, caste background unknown due to Evangelization.

    HRP0031 on the Harappa Ancestry Project.

  156. DOD470 French-Canadian, Irish, German, English, with possibly some Nordic. The German may be all northern German.

  157. This comment has been removed by the author.

  158. DOD527: All four grandparents are Brahmins of Kerala, India.

  159. DOD187

    100% Portuguese, all lines, with the least documented dating to the year 1670 and the oldest to the year (circa) 1441.

  160. DOD552

    4 grandparents born USA.

    One thought to be of English origin.
    Two may be of Scottish, Irish or English origin.
    One may be British Isles or French (or possibly German?) origin - he is a mystery with nothing known before 1850.

    R1b1b2a1a2f, H6a1

  161. DOD215

    100% Ashkenazi

    paternal grandfather: Peremyshlyany near Lviv, Ukraine
    paternal grandmother: Minsk, Belarus
    maternal grandfather: Bucharest (or Belcesti) Romania
    maternal grandmother: Vetka near Gomel, Belarus

  162. DOD030

    75% pure Israelite Samaritan from many generations of cousin marriages

    maternal grandmother Ashkenazi from Odessa, Ukraine

  163. DOD404

    100% German (Rheinland-Pfalz and Posen)

  164. DOD406

    maternal 100% German
    paternal unknown

  165. DOD440

    I am 100% French since the 16th century.
    Since then, 99% of my ancestors lived in a small area (the size of New York) 100km west of Geneva.
    Previously, due to the proximity of the Swiss territory, this one was occupied by Celts.
    My region was part of Celtic Gaul, the Celtic La Tene, in the Swiss territory ,is not very far .
    It has been a place of passage on the Rhône - Rhine axis
    Julius Caesar pushed his army into Gaul in 58 BC, on the pretext of assisting Rome's Gaullish allies against the migrating Helvetii to the west of France.
    Many Roman soldiers and slaves from the Roman Empire were handled in my area during the Gallic War. It is not surprising that my Y haplogroup is G2a3a1 (Origin: Anatolia, Turkey?).My mt haplogroup is J1c3c.
    The Burgundians were an East Germanic tribe which may have emigrated from mainland Scandinavia.
    The Burgundians migrated westwards and settled in the Rhine Valley.Then, by the mid 5th century were resettled in my region .
    Since the 8th century, this area has been calm, the various invasions being completed.
    It is for these reasons that the ethnic French person is really a mixture of many different groups, namely Germanic, Celtic, and Roman populations.

  166. DODO70

    1/2 Swiss German, 1/4 Greek, 1/4 colonial mix.

    (this is a repost correcting wrong ID-I was right the first time) sorry.


  167. DOD283

    Roughly 3/4 British Isles and Ireland and 1/4 unknown.

  168. FFD040 now DOD556

    Maternal side is known to be Ashkenazi from Belarus and Lithuania.

    Paternal side (based on most likely candidate for birthfather) is colonial American from North Carolina. Origins (pre-1700) appear to be mostly England, with the balance being Scotland and Germany.

    Looking for other Cluster 22 people - DOD047, 051, 518 and 528.

  169. DOD575
    Father- Some North with majority being South Spain. Poss of an Italian ancestor 175+ ago.
    Mother- 50% Northern Italian 25% Southern Italian (Calabria) 25% "Across the Adriatic from Calabria" This is my mystery Great Grandmother who died in Calabria when my grandfather was a small child. Rumor was she was Albanian but could have come from even further East.

    19% West Asian
    0% Northwest African
    39% South European
    0.9% Northeast Asian
    12.1% Southwest Asian
    0% East Asian
    28.6% Northern European
    0% West Africa
    0% East Africa
    0% South Asian

  170. DOD473 and FFD048 here.
    100% Lithuanian.

  171. DOD497

    This is my mother (Bahmah)'s sample.
    Her ancestry is maternally French, Dutch, and English; paternally German and Scandinavian

  172. DOD058 - father, all protestant English that I can trace. One line is Huguenot prior to 1700. 99% Cluster#2, 1% Cluster#6

    DOD059 - mother, mother's side is all protestant English.

  173. DOD528 here.

    @Gaye Tannenbaum....looking for 528..

    We do seem to have commonalities. I am 50% Ashkenazi Jewish on paternal side. Grandparents probably born in Kiev.

    I am Scots-Irish and English on maternal side (grandparents and on back born in North Carolina)

    I am abradley on 23andme if you want to contact me.

  174. DOD119 = FFD009
    All closest 64 ancesters Swedish-speaking Finns from Swedish-speaking area of Ostrobothnia, Finland

  175. DOD166 and DOD167

    My wife and I are both from Lakonia, Greece

  176. DOD490

    Paternal ancestry 100% German. Maternal ancestry 100% Polish.

    The only surprise is the tiny sliver of South Asian in the chart.

  177. I am DOD031: 100% Tuscan.

    Gioiello Tognoni del Badia
    Y: R1b1b2a (ySearch: KV7Y2)
    mtDNA: K1a1b1 (9932A): FGS on Ian Logan spreadsheet

  178. DOD518.

    Maternal side: 50% Ashkenazi Jewish (came to US around 1890-1910)
    Paternal side: 37.5% Irish (came to US around 1840-1860), rest is part-English, part-unknown (came to US in early 1800s or earlier)

  179. DOD 237
    100% Spain
    Aragon, Valencia.

  180. DOD530: Appalachian expat, Colonial Ancestry

    Y: R1b1b2a1a2f2 Co. Donegal, 1700s
    mtDNA: J1b1a Co. Tyrone, 1700s

    Paternal Side: ~90% Scots/Irish, rest German&Dutch
    Maternal Side: ~60% Scots/Irish, 20% English, rest Huguenot&German

  181. DOD582 and FFD011 3/4 British Isles, and 1/4 German

    Y-DNA: E1b1b1a2*
    mtDNA: J1c1

    Paternal side: English, Scotch, German
    Maternal side: Irish, English, Welsh