Thursday, November 11, 2010

48-hour submission opportunity

This is another opportunity for 23andMe data submission to the Dodecad Ancestry Project. Eligible groups during this opportunity are:
  1. People from Italy, the Balkans, Anatolia, or the Caucasus
  2. Germans and Austrians; also Germanic speakers of Eastern Europe
  3. French
  4. Iberians (Spanish, Portuguse, Basque)
  5. Swiss
  6. All Slavs and Balts (e.g., Poles, Russians, Bulgarians, Latvians, etc.)
  7. Indians and Pakistanis (please specify religion and caste if applicable)
  8. Scandinavians
  9. All Uralic and Altaic speakers (e.g., Saami, Finns, Estonians, Turks, Hungarians, Komi, Chuvash, Azeri, Turkmen, Tatars, Mongols etc.)

Some notes:
  • I will not accept samples of related individuals.
  • All submitted individuals must be entirely from the 9 listed categories. By entirely, I mean at least 4 known grandparents.
  • Individuals of mixed ancestry (e.g., French+Swiss, or Polish+German) are ok, as long as they are from the 9 categories. However, I will not accept individuals with known other admixture (e.g., English, Jewish, Roma, or Native American) during this opportunity.
If your group is not eligible, feel free to subscribe to the feed to be alerted of new opportunities.

1) Data privacy statement

Your raw genetic data will not be shared with anyone.

It will not be analyzed for anything other than ancestry or admixture. No analysis of physical or medical traits will be performed.

Individual-level results will be revealed with only a unique ID, without any further information about the identity or origin of each participant.

2) What to send

Your compressed genotype file from 23andMe and as much information about your ancestry as you wish to reveal. It is necessary, however, that you tell me at least the country of origin of most of your ancestors and their ethnicity. Information about spoken language, religion, may also be useful.

3) Where to send it

Send it to I will respond with a unique identifying code of the form DOD001, DOD002, and so on. The results will then be posted in the blog with that ID.

4) What you will receive

You will be included in an ADMIXTURE analysis together with other project participants and publically available populations, and the results will be published in this blog. Your sample will only be identified by your ID. If a group (e.g., Germans, or Austrians) has at least 5 participants, I may also post the average admixture proportions for that group.

The following figure gives an idea of what to expect. Project members can expect to get a bar of their own, and a list of their ancestral proportions.

Members who have evidence of East Eurasian ancestry will also be included in fine-scale East Eurasian admixture analysis.

All participating members will also be eligible for future ancestry analyses.

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