Friday, November 19, 2010

ADMIXTURE analysis with Dodecad Populations (update #1)

Repeating the previous analysis with additonal populations of Dodecad Project members and/or modified sample sizes for pre-existing ones:
Assyrian, Scandinavian, Greek, Finnish, S_Italian_Sicilian, Ashkenazi, German, Indian, Portuguese, Armenian
Admixture proportions can be found in the spreadsheet. Dodecad Project populations in italics.

Populations portraits can be found in the RAR. For example, here are the ones for Dodecad Project Ashkenazi and Behar et al. (2010) Ashkenazi Jews:
and here is a Portrait of the Portuguese:

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  1. Many thanks for allowing access to the RAR files. Also, I hope you keep up with the K10 run. The K15 run is also helpful, but its easier to visualize the K10 run. The K15 run can then be used to investigate minor components or specifici populations where new groupings pop out.