Friday, April 27, 2012

Estimating your Gök4-related ancestry

I have taken Table S15 from Skoglund et al. (2012), and the Dodecad Project K7b admixture proportions in order to investigate possible relationships.

In Table S15 the authors estimate the Neolithic farmer ancestry in several populations on the basis of a single Neolithic individual from the Funnel Beaker (TRB) culture which was found in a megalithic burial in Gökhem parish.

Most of these populations are already part of the Dodecad Ancestry Project, except the three Swedish samples; given the intermediacy of the Central_Sweden sample, I have decided to use my Swedish_D sample of Project participants as a stand-in for it.

Below, you can see a scatterplot relating Gök4-related ancestry with K7b "Southern" component:

The correlation between the two variables is very strong (R-squared = 0.93).

Dodecad Project participants who already have K7b results, as well as customers of DTC testing companies who can use DIYDodecad together with the K7b calculator can approximately estimate their Gök4-related ancestry by plugging in their "Southern" value (in %) into the following equation:

Gök4-related ancestry = 1.721*Southern+19.736

I anticipate that when I am able to study the Neolithic Swedish genomes directly, the Neolithic farmer from Sweden will turn up "Southern" in a K=7 resolution experiment.