Thursday, November 25, 2010

ADMIXTURE analysis for Family Finder (FTDNA) samples

I am now able to provide K=10 analysis to Family Finder customers.

The rules of participation are:
  • No relatives (up to 2nd cousin)
  • 100% Eurasian or North African ancestry; the test does not include Native American samples, or an assessment of Native American ancestry
  • Data must be received by Sunday 29/11
In order to participate, you must send to your autosomal data (.gz ending) that you can download from FTDNA, as well as information about your known ancestry (such as country of origin, or ethnic affiliation)

There may be other opportunities for people to participate, so please subscribe to the feed.

Your raw data or genealogical information will not be shared or distributed in any manner, and it will not be analyzed for any other purpose than assessment of ancestry (i.e., not for any physical or health-related traits). It will be identified by a unique ID, known to you and me, and results will be posted in the blog using that ID. I will continue to analyze your data for ancestry, and new results will be posted using that same ID. Also, I will report aggregate results for populations with at least 5 participants.

You will receive your ancestral proportions from 10 inferred ancestral components as in the following figure:

This was generated using the same 104,790 markers that I will be using to analyze your sample. Exact admixture proportions for these populations can be found in the population spreadsheet.

Note that these proportions are not directly comparable with those using 23andMe data, as a different set of markers is used in the latter, and there is a smaller overlap between Family Finder data and those of the reference populations I am using. Here is the current population spreadsheet for 23andMe data.

There are already two Family Finder participants in the Project, with IDs FFD001 and FFD002; these are volunteers who helped me with their data when I adapted EURO-DNA-CALC for Family Finder data. Their results are in the individual spreadsheet.

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