Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Italy, the Balkans, and Anatolia

Here is a PCA plot of Italian, Balkan, and Anatolian samples, together with some reference populations. I've removed 2 Roma-admixed Romanians and 3 Northern European-admixed Armenians from the Behar et al. (2010) set.
Below are MCLUST results:
Below you can see the shape of the 7 clusters:
With increasing sample sizes, I expect the validity and distinctiveness of the various clusters to improve; as you can see, there are several samples bordering different clusters or far away from most of them.

If you write to me with your ID, I will send you your results: cluster assignment followed by the two co-ordinates, so that you can locate yourself on the plot.


  1. What are the eigenvalues of the 1st and 2nd dimensions of the PCA plot?

  2. Hi,

    You wrote

    "I've removed 2 Roma-admixed Romanians"

    Do you mean GSM535689 and GSM535693?

  3. Thank you very much for the link, haven't seen it before. On the MDS=4 plot of my project GSM535689 and GSM535693 are furthest from the rest of Romanians. I will consider removing them from my dataset.

  4. Dienekes, could you post the coordinates for my mother DOD025 here, I prefer to be public.


  5. Probabilities:

    0 0.102 0.599 0 0 0.298


    -0.078 0.0442

  6. Ever since the publication of the Behar et al. (2010) paper, I have always had the suspicion that the Behar et al. Turks are all or mostly from a specific region of Turkey. The genetic homogeneity of the Behar et al. Turks compared to the Dodecad Turks seems to further confirm my suspicions.