Saturday, October 13, 2012

Geno 2.0 data request

If anyone has received results from the Geno 2.0 test of the Genographic Project and want to share it with me, feel free to send it at I will not distribute it or share it with anyone. I want to see what SNPs are tested, what format the data is in, and what is its intersection with other available datasets. This way, I can update my DIYDodecad software so that Geno 2.0 testees can use the various calculators released by the project to get an alternative ancestry assessment.

In time, and if there is interest, I may release additional calculators that make use of the particular SNP set tested by Geno 2.0.


  1. That's great Dienekes. Thanks for all your work. I will send it your way if it comes in a raw data format that we can download for our use and you still need it by the time I receive the results. We have only got the kits recently. It will take a month or so before any of us receive any results. I am excited about the thousands of mitochondrial markers they will be testing. That should make my maternal origins pretty conclusive. I hope many people participate to increase the power of the statistical results.

  2. Will do!

    I am R-M222 and am hoping to have one of the 3 SNP's below M222. Some reports say there are 5-6 SNP's below M222 - so who knows, as some may be private or very restricted.

    However, of all R-M222 to date, I am furthest from the Modal Ui Neill markers, so who knows?!


    Excel list of NatGeo Geno 2.0
    1. Y-SNP names
    2. Autosomal SNPs (AIMs)