Tuesday, June 12, 2012

'K10a' calculator

The 'K10a' calculator represents an intermediate stage between the K7 and K12 analyses released so far from the Project. The following components have been inferred:
  • Palaeoafrican 
  • South_Asian 
  • West_Asian 
  • Southeast_Asian 
  • Sub_Saharan 
  • Atlantic_Baltic
  • Red_Sea 
  • East_Asian 
  • Mediterranean 
  • Siberian 
There are a couple of points of interest; first, the Red_Sea component related Arabians with East Africans. At a higher level of resolution the "Southwest_Asian" and "East_African" (K12)  components emerge. The "Red_Sea" component is not very closely related to any other components, but is somewhat related to the "Mediterranean" and "Atlantic_Baltic" components.

So, using the different calculators of the Dodecad Project, we first have (K7) a contrast between Africa and West Eurasia, then a signal of the shared ancestry between Arabia and East Africa (K10), and finally, strong signals of local ancestry in the two regions.

Second, the Mediterranean component here is modal in Sardinians as usual, but also projects into North Africa. Again, this is intermediate between K7 which shows a predominance of West Eurasian ancestry in North Africa + an African component, and K12 in which there are "Atlantic_Med" and "Northwest_Afican" regional components.

These are strong hints that the West Eurasian element in Africa differs between NW and E Africa. In the former region, it is most related to Sardinians, and in the latter it is most related to Arabians. Of course, ultimately the two elements are related to each other.

Table of Fst distances between components:

MDS plots of the first few dimensions:

Project participants can find their results in the spreadsheet. Non-participants can use DIYDodecad to calculate their results, but they should place all the calculator files in the same directory as the DIYDodecad software, and replace 'dv3' with 'K10a' in all the instructions of the README file.

Component labels are indicative, and you should compare your results against the normalized median results for different populations included in the spreadsheet.

Terms of Use

You are free to use 'K10a', including all downloaded files for any non-commercial purpose, as long as you attribute them to the Dodecad Project and to Dienekes Pontikos as follows:

The 'K10a' admixture calculator is courtesy of Dienekes Pontikos and was developed as part of the Dodecad Ancestry Project; more information here.


  1. Are you going to do a run with this new K10a analysis with Otzi and the Swedish Neolithic individuals as well?

    Also what are your thoughts on the origins of the Atlantic_Baltic component?

    1. The origins of Atlantic Baltic are probably rooted in the mingling of Nordic/Cro-magnid I1 and I2 haplogroups, with Indo European R1a and R1b.

  2. ¿Do you plan the release of a K10b experiment? The same you did with the last K12 (a & b versions).


  3. what does the sephardic jews population in your spreadsheet consist of ? (north african jews?jews from spain?)i'm half mizrahi and half ashkenazi and my results are almost identical to sephardic jews

  4. This is the source of that data:


  5. i from north-west india
    how can i participate in your project. please help me i'm new on this site

  6. I'm confused. What's the actual difference between the West Asian and the Southwest Asian component? Anatolians vs Arabs? Or?