Saturday, September 3, 2011

No affiliation to

A thread at the 23andMe forum suggests that the Dodecad project is somehow related to Apart from the fact that the admin of, for whatever reason, chose to co-opt the exact names of the 12 ancestral components of the Dodecad project for his own purposes, creating unnecessary confusion between the two projects.

I would like to state that I have absolutely no relation whatsoever to that outfit, and that use of any DIYDodecad files without my permission is forbidden without attribution, as stated in the DIYDodecad README file.

UPDATE: The admin of has kindly asked for permission, and I've replied that he is entirely free to use the DIYDodecad materials, provided that:
  1. It is clearly visible to someone considering using the utility that it is based on Dodecad v3
  2. It is also clear that the results may differ from the same-named components of Dodecad v3 produced by the Dodecad Project
I consider the misunderstanding to be over, and hopefully the tool will be online again soon.

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