Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dodecad v3 results are rolling in

I have started processing individual samples in Dodecad v3; they will be posted incrementally in batches of 35 or so in the same spreadsheet as the population averages.

You can look at various population averages in the spreadsheet to compare yourself against; I have added averages for 122 populations with the full 166K SNPs, as well as several other datasets with a smaller number of SNPs.

Also, note that the averages are not yet complete, some populations have not been added yet, and some averages will be revised after outlier removal. After all that is done, I will announce it here in the blog and will create a big zip file with all the population portraits showing individual-level variation (including outliers).

Results will be posted in DOD order, but for technical reasons the Family Finder-based IDs will come at the end .

Submission to the Project is currently closed, and of course I encourage participants who have not already done so to leave a message in the ancestry thread.

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  1. The heavy preponderance of the western European component over the eastern European component among Ashkenazic Jews (19 versus 3.8) lends support to one theory of the origin of Yiddish, the language of the Ashkenazic Jews. Yiddish is very similar to German but closer examination shows an older Germanic foundation that is similar to Gothic. (see my blog www.gothicyiddish.blogspot.com). The Goths came from eastern Sweden and would have been heavily west European. they would have had contact with the ancestors of the Ashkenazic Jews along the Black Sea in the early Middle Ages.

  2. ^I actually thought the Ashkenazi Jews lived in the Rhinelands in Germany. From Roman times to the middle age.

    When the Germans became Christians, the Jews stopped to be welcome and a lot of Ashkenazi migrated to eastern Europe to flee the raising violence against Jews. (But others remained in the Rhineland up to the second world war. Wich means, many Ashkenazi lived in Germany for almost 2000 years.)

  3. The most popular view among historians is that the earliest contact of Jews with Germanic people was in Germany. In my blog I give reasons for thinking that the earliest contact was actually with Goths in the Black Sea area. An additional reason is that the northern European genetic component among Ashkenazi Jews seems relatively more western than the componant found among Germans and more what one would expect from the Goths.

  4. The question is, how the genetic makeup of Germans was in the early middle age.

    The Germans started to assimilate Slavic tribes from the 10th century onwards.

    In the 30 years war, almost 50% of the German population was killed and Germany was heavily repupulated by people from the Balkan peninsular.

    In the modern age, Prussia had lots of terretories in what is now Poland, with natives that had been ethnically Slavs. German settlers intermixed with them. And 11 Million Slavic admixed German/Slavs went to Westgermany after WW2.

    I estaminate Germany of the 8th century as much Western and Eastern as Sweden.

  5. Add:

    I also wonder how living 50 years with 200.000 Goth in the Ukraine makes Jews more western than living 1000 years with 5 Million Germans in Germania Magna.