Monday, February 7, 2011

Results for DOD308 to DOD318 posted

I have done an initial run with 10 of the people who sent me v3 data (plus 1 with v2 data) to ensure that everything works fine. Note that this does not mean that submission to the project is currently open, so please do not send me any more data until such time as it is.

Note also that this is based on a new marker set of 152K markers; the main difference with the 177K set I have been commonly using was to apply a slightly more stringent quality control (--geno 0.005) in the source datasets and to include markers in common to v2 and v3 chips.

Admixture proportions can be found in the spreadsheet

All populations:

Individual bars:


  1. DOD311

    My background is Ashkenazi Jewish on all sides.

    There are those who claim that my FTNDA YDNA results may indicate a distant Sepharadi paternal ancestor on that line who emigrated to Eastern Europe, but this is highly speculative as TMRCA estimates are not clear.

  2. Thanks, but post it in the ancestry thread