Saturday, October 30, 2010

Last 24 hours to submit your data

As promised, I will receive samples from my target groups of the pilot phase until the end of October. So, you have about 24 hours to submit your sample if you haven't already.

So far, I have 122 samples from many different groups; here is my preliminary categorization:
American_White, Arab, Armenian, Ashkenazi, Assyrian, Bulgarian, Danish, East_African, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Indian, Iranian, Irish, Italian, Jewish, Maltese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Serb, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, UK, Unknown
Some of these groups have already reached the 5-person threshold, and I will be able to report statistical properties about them, such as mean admixture proportions.

But, many of them are a few individuals short of the 5-person goal. If you belong to any of them, or any other target groups, please consider submitting your data.

After October 31st, sample submission will close, and I will begin my analysis of the data to see if new nuggets of information can be discovered. This blog will continue to report on these, and will present updated information about project participants, if I am comfortable that it is robust.

New opportunities to submit your data after October 31st may be available, and these will also be announced. But, please do not submit your data after that. If you have a sample of extraordinary interest, you may, of course, send me e-mail ( I will then tell you if I can process your data, and then you can send it.

PS: You can send me the data by the end of October 31st in your timezone.

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