Monday, February 21, 2011

Truly despicable behavior

It has come to my attention that certain individuals have misrepresented the ancestry of submitted samples to get them into the Project.

Rest assured that I have both the tools and the know-how to sooner or later detect fraudsters, and fraudulent samples will almost certainly be pulled from the Project, with no further analysis performed on them.

Two examples of the types of actions I consider fraudulent are:
  • Part Mexican pretending to be Spanish
  • Relatives submitted under aliases to obscure their relationship to samples already in the Project
I want to extend an opportunity to people who have misrepresented their ancestry/relatedness status in submitted samples to come clean by sending me an e-mail.

I cannot guarantee that I will keep the samples of people who come clean, but I think it is the least you can do: I spent my time and energy analyzing your sample, and I deserve, in the very least, an apology.


  1. MY ancestors came from the South of Spain and the Canary Islands back in the 1600's and settled on the Island of Puerto Rico. 70% of the white hill people on the Island are directly from this group of people. The Canary Islands has been part of Spain since the 1400's. MY maternal ancestors remained in isolation in the hills for centuries. So if you were referring to me, I was truthful about my origins. My ancestors are what the Southern Spanish would have been in the 14 and 1500's. They are a snap shot of the first period of the reconquest of Spain from the moors, and the first stages of conquest the Americas.

  2. Musamba, you are not spanish, you are PUERTO RICAN . Stop with this shit already.

  3. I do not have one. So that means it is not me. You have not run my info then. I came on recommendation from Rob H.

  4. I do not have one. So that means it is not me. You have not run my info then. I came on recommendation from Rob H.

    I don't know what "your" info is, because you sent no e-mail to me as "musamba".

    The thing to do is to repeat the information you gave to me using the e-mail address you submitted your sample from.

  5. No. I'm a hybrid. My father was a viking from the British Isles and my mother's ancestors were from the south of Spain. The term portorican or american is a cultural term. It's not scientific. I'll send you the info again D.