Sunday, November 7, 2010

Submission to the Project is currently CLOSED

I was quite specific about a few things:
I made a few exceptions at the beginning, when it was not clear how many people would be interested in the Project, but I consider sending me data at this time as "cutting in line" ahead of people who are waiting for the next available opportunity. I understand the interest, but I'm not a company that can process everyone's data 24x7.

Once again: if you want to send me your data, send me e-mail first. I may, or may not process data from relatives, or non-target groups that was already sent to me and that was not assigned a DOD number.

If you've already sent me your data, you don't need to send it again; If I choose to process it, you will eventually be assigned a DOD number. Results will continue to be posted in the blog, but that does not mean that submission is currently open.

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