Wednesday, October 31, 2012

'globe13' participant results

Project participant results for the globe13 calculator can be found in the spreadsheet. Population median results and Fst divergences are also included.

Below, you can see the first two dimensions of an MDS plot of the 13 components:

A neighbor-joining tree of the 13 components based on the Fst divergences:
I have also created a TreeMix plot using Palaeo_African as an outgroup, and allowing as many as 5 migration edges:
The actual tree is:

0.0640319 NA NA NA Palaeo_African:0.0215931 Australasian:0.0488974
0.270468 NA NA NA Australasian:0.0488974 East_Asian:0.0173284
0.185213 NA NA NA South_Asian:0.00734044 ((West_Asian:0.00620657,North_European:0.00657599):0.00311587,Mediterranean:0.00798949):0.00650328
0.129883 NA NA NA North_European:0.00657599 Amerindian:0.026174
0.138757 NA NA NA Arctic:0.0118342 (West_Asian:0.00620657,North_European:0.00657599):0.00311587


  1. It would be nice if you could give us an explanation of exactly what each component means? By this I mean an interpretation of their origins.

  2. Thank you for this post.I am waiting for the spreadsheet.

  3. Please expand on the TreeMix plot. I am especially interested in the Palaeo_African contact with the Australasians. The South_Asian admix at the branching of Mediterraneans from North_Europeans and West_Asians is also interesting.

  4. Hi, could there be an Oracle tool for this run ? I don't know if that is a difficult task or not. Thanks,

  5. I guess I have been out of school too long, but I have a hard time reading/understanding some of these graphs. Is there any place that explains how to read them save going back to remedial school?

  6. HI.
    I have some questions. Is there anybody who knows the answers?
    1)where can i fing exact geografic definition for COMPONENTS (e.g. West_Asian etc)
    2)What's the difference between different calculators? (globe13 World9 DV3 K7 etc )
    is there any overview?
    source data for every population are frozen at moment of release or are updated when new members enters some population?
    3)i processed my profile with DV3 and globe13 calc. I found little differences between results for same component (e.g. Mediterranean is 24.56 or 23.68).
    I suppose that it's due to different source data (see 2)
    4)When i compare the set of components in dv3 and globe i am confused of possibly overlapping of components.
    globe13: Mediterranean/Arctic?/North_European
    (i am interested in europa)
    so why the North E is not in DV3?
    or where is the population from NorthE hidden in DV3?
    5)my results in is slightly different from computed by DIYDodecad2.1.rar
    6)is there any tool to compare my profile with populations profiles? (e.g.Assyrian_D etc) It would be nice to see similarity between my profile and every population.
    7)How was the populations sets created.
    I mean that for slavic group i can see Russian_D, Polish_D, Serb_D, Bulgarian_D,Ukrainian_D etc...and Mixed_Slav_D
    -Why there are absent some other populations like Slovak, Czech etc (maybe too few samples?)
    -how was the profile for e.g. Russian created? Based on which data or computations?

    I apologise for a lot of questions a possibly vague terminology.