Monday, January 23, 2012

Open submission for everybody until DOD999


Everyone on the planet is invited to submit their data, regardless of their ancestry.

All other rules apply, especially the no relatives clause. Additionally, I will accept a single submission from each submitter, so don't submit all your friends. Moreover, regardless of your ancestry, you should let me know the origin of your four grandparents.

There are 35 spots open, so hurry, since last time I had a free-for-all I had to close it down after about 12 hours due to overwhelming demand. I will close project submission after I assign DOD999.

All submissions after I post the end-of-submission announcement on the blog will be ignored. If you post this in any forums or mailing lists, include this post link so that people will know whether the opportunity is over.

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  1. There are some genomes at PGP. Most of them are White Americans though.

    White South African: