Thursday, September 15, 2011

Third-party tools based on the Dodecad Project has made available some tools based on Dodecad v3 as bundled in DIYDodecad 2.0. In addition to the regular admixture analysis, there is a chromosome painting, and an option to compare 2 kits. This should be quite useful to Mac users, who can't use DIYDodecad at present. requires upload of your data to the server side, which provides the benefit of the other tools of the site, but may not be ideal for people with privacy concerns for whom the DIY tool was partly built.

Note that because admixture estimation is expensive computationally, the tools are slightly less accurate than DIYDodecad because of more lax termination criteria. This should not be a problem for the major components of one's ancestry, but may be for the minor ones. Moreover, convergence is achieved with a different number of iterations for different genotype files, so accuracy may vary.

Two other genome bloggers have released their own calculators that can be run with DIYDodecad. Magnus Ducatus Lituaniae has released MDLP based on its K=7 analysis. Eurogenes has released a K=14 imaginatively named test calculator for Eurasian data.

I keep a list of calculators for DIYDodecad in the DIYDodecad 2.0 page.

I neither endorse nor am I affiliated with any third-party tools, but I encourage readers to try them out; the more the merrier.


  1. I tried out this calculator with my mom's data file

    0.79% S_Asian
    43.64% N_E_Euro
    0.00% NE_African
    38.64% SW_W_Euro
    5.59% Med_ME
    1.48% N_Asian
    0.00% E_Asian
    0.00% Sub_Saharan
    0.04% SE_Asian
    9.82% W_Asian

    Whatever that means, I don't know how to interpret this in regards to her ancestry. Anyone have a good guess as to her origions?

  2. Hi,

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