Thursday, March 24, 2011

Limited time opportunity for everybody to submit your data

Who is eligible:

Everyone who has 23andMe v2 or v3 or Family Tree DNA Family Finder Illumina data.

Please do not submit samples of relatives, as these make analysis difficult. I consider 2nd cousins and closer relatives to be related.

If you don't have your data yet, you can subscribe to the feed for future opportunities to submit your data.

What you will receive:

You will receive the standard K=10 analysis results such as this, and you will also be eligible for other types of tests such as Galore analysis, supervised, or regional studies.

Your raw data or genealogical information will not be shared or distributed in any manner, and it will not be analyzed for any other purpose than assessment of ancestry (i.e., not for any physical or health-related traits). It will be identified by a unique ID, known to you and me, and results will be posted in the blog using that ID. I will continue to analyze your data for ancestry, and new results will be posted using that same ID. Also, I will report aggregate results for populations with at least 5 participants.

What to send:

Send your zipped autosomal data to Also let me know something about your ancestry (e.g., ethnic group, country of origin of grandparents, or anything else that might be useful).

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