Sunday, March 11, 2012

ChromoPainter/fineSTRUCTURE analysis of Italy/Balkans/Anatolia

This was done on the same dataset as the previous fastIBD analysis.

The population assignments:

The heatmap, showing relationship between inferred populations:

The principal components analysis:

The correspondence between inferred populations and K12b components:

Results for Project participants can be found in this spreadsheet; remember than in the chunkcounts tabs, columns represent donor and rows recipient populations.


  1. Nice work. One question: Why is DOD839 in pop18 and not in pop17?

  2. Great work, Diekenes. Would love to see this same analysis but with more groups included, such as Ashkenazi Jews, Sephardic Jews, Spanish, and even Northern European grouips, to make it a more world-wide analysis. Thanks