Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Populations in need of 5 participants

Submission to the Project is currently closed, but I am often willing to include new members if they contact me (dodecad@gmail.com) before sending their data with some information about their ancestry.

I am most likely to accept new participants from:
  • Greece, the Balkans, Italy, and West/Central Asia
  • Under-represented populations
  • Populations that are a few members short of reaching the 5-person mark, after which I can calculate an average for them.
I typically don't accept new participants of multiple ancestries; I've made DIYDodecad for just that case.

Here is a list of populations that are short 1-2 participants:

Algerian_D 4
North_African_Jews_D 4
Slovenian_D 4
Bulgarian_D 4
Danish_D 3
Moroccan_D 3
Tunisian_D 3
Mixed_Scandinavian_D 3
Serb_D 3
Austrian_D 3
Saudi_D 3
Pakistani_D 3
Tatar_Various_D 3
Palestinian_D 3

Any individuals from the Balkans are strongly encouraged to contact me, as the Balkans_D sample size of 17 can soon be broken down into specific populations if a few more individuals from different Balkan populations join the Project.

I also encourage new members to post their information in the ancestry thread.


  1. Dieneke, what are your criteria in grouping the project particiants in specific Dodecad populations? Does every single member of a specific Dodecad population X be someone whose all four grandparents are from the ethnic group X?

    For instance, according to the information provided in the ancestry thread, there are many Armenian participants who are recently admixed with non-Armenians (mostly Europeans). Do you include such admixed Armenian participants in the Dodecad Armenian population (Armenian_D) or exclude them?

  2. The ancestry thread is for everyone to state their ancestry not only those with a single known ancestry.

  3. Are there enough participants to make up a Galician average, is so can one be made?

  4. There are 4 if my count is correct.

  5. If you still need more participants for Pakistani_D, and if I am not already included, you can use my data - DOD384 - Both sets of grandparents are from Pakistan. Maternal from Sindh and Paternal from Baluchestan.

  6. I've ordered the test for my father, so you can exclude me and include him and my maternal grandfather. There's already a second Georgian (DOD790) in the project and 2 more are on the way, so you should have 5 Georgians in the next couple of months.

  7. Are you doing anything with Neanderthal genetics?