Sunday, April 10, 2011

Results for DOD596 to DOD603 posted

Admixture proportions can be found in the spreadsheet.

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All populations:
Individual bars:


  1. Perhaps a silly question: have you thought about including ancient individuals, like the Paleo-Eskimo Saqqaq, or Otzi, in one of your runs?

  2. Otzi's data have not been published AFAIK. As for the Paleo-Eskimo's DNA it's part of the Rasmussen dataset that I've sometimes used, and there are some runs with it in the other blog.

  3. What about Vanek's G2a Ergolding, Bavaria Germany samples(670 A.D.)Which coincidently I have 3 G2a in my top ten on Relative Finder, and is around 400km+/- from Podlazice? Or his Church of St Margaret Podlazice sample(1180AD) which coincidently is an uncommon R1b1b2a DYS 393-12 value which I coincidently share along with 17/22 DYS markers?It is also around 200+/- kilometers away from my Katowice,Poland, formerly Silesia and Bavaria?. BTW I'm 391 and you placed outside the Pole grouping, with the Germanics, thanx A.K.

  4. Y-chromosome haplogroups are not easily related to autosomal DNA results.
    With respect to your personaly results, I would say that I would need much larger samples from the nations of Poland and Germany to be confident in the clusters centered on them.

  5. Yes very true, it is probably coincidental,and not pertinent to try and infer ancestral tracking,however as for my yDNA which is prevalent around the Caucasus, R1b1b2a, (Ht-35) it is interesting that according to your program in autosomal clusterings a roughly 70.2%/12.5% correlation in "Northern European"/"West Asian" component, coupled with somewhat uncommon occurence of yDNA G2a on my RF list; can you get the above data in autosomal samples from Vanek, to include in your studies?