Saturday, January 15, 2011

Results for DOD299 to DOD307 posted

These are the final results of the recent open-ended submission opportunity that has just ended. Feel-free to add some information about your ancestry in the relevant thread.

NOTE: The images are now fixed.

Admixture proportions can be found in the spreadsheet

All populations:

Individual bars:


  1. The images are too small and don't get bigger if you click on them.

  2. Hi, i cannot click and enlarge these images...

  3. Maybe it is a good idea to make a public attempt to interpret my results (DD301), though as expected not apparently surprising. Then people can tell me if I am making sense or not.

    I compared to other analyses in the spreadsheet of results for individuals, and also looking at the populations Dienekes has analysed with the same 10 components.

    First, it appears I am typical north European in the sense that the component which is modal in Lithuania (which Dienekes calls "North European") easily dominates the component which is modal in Sardinia (which Dienekes calls the "South European"). Another thing pointing in the same direction is the quite small contribution from the "West Asian" component. Indeed this seems unusually small except in people from the more northerly reaches of Europe. So I am not as "Northern" as would be typical for Scandinavians, Lithuanians, Byelorussians.

    Second, I am not like the Irish individuals tested so far in that I show bits of "noise" from "South Asia", "Northeast Asia", and a slightly stronger signal from "Southwest Asia". Such trace components are apparently much more common in places like Germany, France and Scandinavia. Perhaps the most significant one of these is that Southwest Asian component which I think would make me untypical versus Scandinavians for example.

    So I am somewhere between Scandinavians and Northeast Europeans on the one hand, and the Irish on the other, and compared to the reference groups, perhaps most like the French and Germans.

    However there is no British reference group, and you would expect them, I think, to look pretty much like me? And that is where my ancestry is from basically.

  4. Yes there is a british reference group here :

  5. Thanks truth.

    So, looking at those, they are perhaps a little closer to the typical Irish results than mine. Of course we are talking minuscule differences at this resolution, but my "West Asian" seems rather low compared to those, and having this in conjunction with a small but apparently real "Southwest Asian" presence seems more typically continental, as do the possibly noise level components from NE Asia and South Asia.

    Then again, it would seem reasonable to suggest that I'd probably lie within the norms of any future larger collection of British data.

    If not then perhaps my Norwegian GGG grand father is playing a role?

  6. Andrew,
    As Dienekes pointed out previously, the "South Asian" Cluster should rightly be seen as a South/Central Asian Cluster.

    Both my parents DOD098 and DOD099 (100% Irish) have a slight amount of this. In the BGA project, this seems to pan out to be North Eurasian/Siberian ancestry - which is probably ancient.

  7. I am DOD 303.

    My grandparents 2 German, 1 English, 1 French. Unknown additional admixture via lineages from French Canada and Louisiana.